Model JM4

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Fish Egg Sorter with Counter
Model JM4

JM4 - Fish Egg Sorter with Counter
Model-C Counter

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Dimensions & Weight: Sorter Body: *10 W X 25 L X 13 H; 17 lbs.
Controller: 8 W X 7 L X 4 H; 4 lbs.
Hopper Capacity: 2 gallons
Maximum Sorting/Counting Capacity: 300,000 eggs per hour
Water System: 20 PSI minimum (6 gal/minute)
Air Pressure: **20 PSI minimum
Electrical: 110V, ½ amp or 220V, ½ amp
Case: ABS plastic
Counter: Integral; internal computer; solid state LCD lighted digital display; separate count resets (live and dead); retains count until manually reset (or unplugged from wall); infra red detection system; automatic calibration
Accessories Included: 5 inserts for trout and/or salmon
Hopper extension with gate
Plastic rod
Air hose adapter (female M/male T)
Shipping box and packaging
Availability: 30 days from receipt of order
Warranty: 1 year, parts & labor
Warranty Reconditioned: 90 days, parts & labor
Available Insert Sizes:
#2½ (6.4mm)
#3 (6.7mm)
#3½ (7.1mm)
#4 (7.9mm)
#4½ (8.7mm)
#5 (9.5mm)
#6 (11.1mm)
Special Order Insert Sizes
#1 (5.2mm)
#1½ (5.6mm)
#2 (5.9mm)
#6½ (12.7mm)
* Shipping weight 45 lbs.
** Air compressor not supplied, 1/4 M style female coupler required.